Monday, November 2, 2009

What is a Blog?

And why does Prince Charming have one? These are bloody well good questions. It seems that ever since the 2004 presidential elections blogs have been all over the news (yes I follow politics; what do you think I am anyway, some mindless, one dimensional, pretty boy?). The definition that you’ll find in most places is that a blog is a contraction for the term “web log.”

Essentially blogs are like journals or diaries for the world to see. They are written by everyone from journalists to musicians to activists to world leaders and now you can add yours truly to the list. There are blogs on everything from music to sports to politics to writing to knitting and everything in-between.

Unlike some of my fairy tale comrades, I have kept up with technology and thought that doing a blog would be fun. Plus it would be a great way for me to let the world get to know be better.

For those interested in learning more about blogs and blogging go here, here, here, and here (these are but a few of the many places online but they should provide a pretty good start).

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