Friday, December 4, 2009

Urban Legend of the Day

An airplane employee whose last name was “Gay” boarded a plane using his company pass. Finding his assigned seat occupied, Mr. Gay took another vacant seat nearby. But before the plane took off, another flight was canceled, and flight attendants were told that they had to pull nonpaying passengers off the plane to make room for ticketed passengers.

A flight attendant came down the aisle and asked the occupant of Mr. Gay’s assigned seat, “Are you gay?” The man looked surprised, but answered, “Well, yes I am.”

“Then you’ll have to get off the plane,” the flight attendant said.

Overhearing this exchange, the employee named Gay spoke up, saying, “No, No, I’m Gay, and I’m the one who will have to get off.”

Immediately two men sitting nearby jumped up and said, “Well we’re gay too, and they can’t make us all get off!”
-- from Too Good to Be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends by Jan Harold Brunvand (p. 122)

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